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Orthodontic Services - Teeth Whitening, Invisalign, Clear Braces & Retainers

How your orthodontic care starts.

Your care with Dr. Bibbs begins with a personal consultation to discuss your smile goals. A complete orthodontic exam will then be conducted that includes an intraoral camera diagnosis, digital photographs, panoramic and cephalometric X-rays and an assessment of your oral health. All of this provides the information needed for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.

Once your initial exam and diagnostic records are completed, Dr. Bibbs will present a customized orthodontic treatment plan and provide your general dentist with a copy of your treatment plan along with a digital photograph. He offers a variety of innovative adult correction techniques and today’s most advanced brackets, wires and equipment.

• Traditional & speed brackets for up to 40% faster treatment
• Cosmetic clear braces that are virtually invisible & stain-free
• Lingual braces that are placed behind the teeth & are not visible from the front
• Invisalign® & ClearCorrect® that straighten teeth with clear, comfortable & removable aligners

• High-tech titanium archwires for more efficient tooth movement & less discomfort

• In-office lab for prompt fabrication of retainers

• Temporary anchorage devices (TADs) to help correct bite problems & reduce the need for extractions or surgery

• Special appliances that can shorten treatment by 40% to 50%

• Permanent retainers

• Fun-colored elastics

• Laser in-office teeth whitening

• Comanagement of orthognathic surgery cases


Our New 3D Scanner.

Here at Parkside Orthodontic Care we continue to use the latest state of the art instruments, appliances, treatment and equipment.  Our new CS 9000 3D x-ray makes digital imaging more affordable and safer than ever before. With award-winning focused-field 3D technology and easy-to-use imaging software, the CS 9000 3D generates brilliant images quickly at a dosage 10 to 30 times lower.Translated – less radiation for you!  This new system also produces images in 3-D realization that is simply not possible with conventional 2-D radiography.  With this technology Dr. Bibbs continues to exceed the standard of care when diagnosing and treating his patients and exam time is reduced as well as unnecessary exposure to his patients.


Bone volume, soft tissues, any anomalies or growths, as well as jaw innervations and other anatomical landmarks are easily viewed in 3D. 


Helping your child smile with confidence.

Many orthodontic problems are actually preventable if they’re caught early enough. That’s why children as young as age 7 should see an orthodontist, as recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists. Dr. Bibbs offers early orthodontic treatment to detect and correct problems early, which can achieve better long-term results. You’ll feel confident knowing that Dr. Bibbs always looks at conservative treatment options first. These include expanders, space maintainers, Hawley retainers and habit appliances.

For more information about orthodontics for adults and children, call Parkside Orthodontics in Chicago, Illinois at 312-346-2575 today! To schedule an appointment online, please use our Online Appointment Request Form.