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Uncompromising adult orthodontics.

Today, many adults aged 21 to 65 are opting to have their teeth straightened by an orthodontist. Many are choosing orthodontic care to correct crooked smiles they may have been unhappy with since they were young. But many adults still believe that adult teeth cannot be straightened. In truth, they can, and it's almost as easy as straightening a child's teeth. 

Today, adults have nearly as many teeth straightening options as their children. These include Invisalign nearly invisible clear aligners for teeth straightening without braces, clear ceramic braces, lingual (behind-the-teeth) braces, self-ligating braces that shorten treatment time and traditional metal braces. 

As the field of orthodontics improves and adapts to advances in both technique and technology, it’s important to Dr. Bibbs that he stays current with what’s new. He offers a variety of innovative adult correction techniques and today’s most advanced brackets, wires and equipment.

• Traditional & speed brackets for up to 40% faster treatment

• Cosmetic clear braces that are virtually invisible & stain-free

• Lingual braces that are placed behind the teeth & are not visible from the front

• Invisalign® & ClearCorrect® that straighten teeth with clear, comfortable & removable aligners

• High-tech titanium archwires for more efficient tooth movement & less discomfort

• Special appliances that can shorten treatment by 40% to 50%

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